One Channel Receiver 11~24 VAC/VDC, 315MHz

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Product Description

One Channel Receiver 11~24 VAC/DC, 315MHz
  • Control garage doors, gates, house lights, alarm panels, or other devices via remote.
  • Form 'C' type, 10A@24VDC or 120VAC per channel.
  • Frequency 315MHz
  • LED indicates RF reception, learn mode entered, transmitter learned, memory cleared.
  • Mode switch for easy transmitter learning.
  • Learns up to 15 transmitters.
  • 4 Output modes (programmable): 4-Secondary momentary, 1-Second momentary, Toggle, Validity
  • Screws terminals for simple connection
  • This receiver incorporates:
    • HI-Q SENSITIVITY and a CODING IC for rejecting unwanted RF signals
    • HIGHER SENSITIVITY for greater operating distances.
    • UNSURPASSED ANTENNA MATCHING CAPABILITIES so the receiver is less affected by how and where mounted.
    • GREATER TUNING STABILITY so the receiver's frequency remains unaffected  by shock and vibration.


Operating Frequency:315MHz
Operating Voltage:11~24 VAC/VDC
Operating Distance: Up to 500' (150m)
Operating Temperature: -4o~162o F (-20o ~72oC)
Current Draw: 8mA@12VDC (standby), 30mA/channel @12VDC (activated)
Sensitivity: -87dBm (typical)
Data Format: PWM
Compatible Transmistters:

 68 billion codes (SK-919TD1S-UP,SK-919TT1S-BU, SK-919TDWS-BU, SK-919TD2A-UP, SK-919TP4J-NU, SK-919TP1H-BU, SK-919TP2H-NU, SK-919TP4H-NU)

18 quintillion codes (SK-917T2A-U, SK-917TP4J-NU)

RF Channels:one
Number of Stored Transmitter Codes:Up to 15
Receiver Output:Form C dry relay contact (NO/NC/COM); max 10 Amp at 24VDC per channel
Receiver Output Modes:Programmable 4-sec. momentary (default), 1-sec. momentary, toggle or validity
Connectors:5 Quick-conenct screw terminals (+.-. with NO/NC/COM)
Case Construction:High-impact ABS plastic
Weight: 2.6oz
Approvals: FCC