NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Compliance



no power, no internet? NO PROBLEM! 

Solar Powered with WIFI, 4G LTE AP wireless communication. 

Top of pole or side of pole installation is simple and easy. Takes as little as 20 mins.


Total offline grid solution: Solar Charging + LFP Battery Storage with days of bad weather power reserve. 

Our system is designed to work 247- and 365-days continuous recording, AI detection and notifications,

other battery powered cameras use a little motion sensor with very limited detection range and power reserve.

20 years Commerical Solar Panels, LFP Batteries, Heavy Duty mounts.

Each camera has onboard 512GB Video Storage, optional Cloud recording / centralized NVR.


We cut prices and profits not corners.

We designed and manufactured all the major components in volume, we are ensuring the best quality and the lowest cost possible.

We keep our system simple with only a few essential parts, no fancy trailer with rims and tires, no complicated telescope tower etc.


Sample Video on Youtube.


  1. 2. DAYTIME Video Sample from a Construction site 




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4 of 4 Items