HD-SDI 2 Megapixel Box Camera 30fps Real-Time 1080p "HDCCTV"

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Product Description

HD-SDI 2 Megapixel Box Camera 30fps Real-Time 1080p Over 1000 TVL*

It's not an IP Camera. It's HD-SDI plug and play!

HD-SDI Megapixels Real-time HD Quality Digital Video.

SDI: Serial Digital Interface: the same technology used within television facilities.

UC28-HDSDI offers HD Video so high that you can download the video and print a photo with it.

No distortion or letterboxing with 16:9 Widescreen

High-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) makes it possible to stream uncompressed Full HD 1080p video over coax wiring.
Why HD-SDI is better than IP Cameras?

1. Plug-N-Play. Just plug in the BNC and power.
2. By using existing coax cable, upgrading an analog camera to HD-SDI Megapixel
    is simple.
3. IP cameras are more expensive, require a router / switch and usually a dedicated
    network segment.
4. Unlike IP camera, HD-SDI require no special networking training.

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Click here for a sample image capture by this camera

*HD-SDI Camera requires HD-SDI HDR-808.