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Product Description

CMC-TB is an intelligent camera that uses thermal imaging technology and network processing system to perform high-speed temperature measurement, screening, recording and real-time surveillance video.
Built-in warning system monitors on-site alarm of body temperature abnormality.
Built-in network transmission module, real-time remote monitoring, remote transmission of temperature measurement results, and push abnormal body temperature information.
CMC-TB comes with built-in rechargeable battery and WiFi Hot spot enable easy setup and protable operation on a tripod.

1. When camera detects human, it sounds a voice prompt "Please go to the temperature measuring point for temperature measurement "
2. When the person comes within the measuring area, CMC-TB measures the temperature in 0.5 seconds
3. If the person's temperature readout is normal, the device indicates that the body temperature is normal and back to measuring state
4. When temperature readout exceeds 37.3C / 99.14F, the device will immediately enter into the alert mode, trigger the built-in alarm siren, voice reminding temperature abnormality, and push to the monitoring terminal / mobile phone instantly.
5. Each temperature measurement within 0.5-second, shows on built-in display, mobile phone app and synchronously stores the temperature chart, temperature data and temperature measurement video
6. The temperature data are calculated in real time and displayed stored to daily statistics.

Data Output
Temperature measurement data output and video presentation, which can be output wirelessly through WIFI and AP hotspot or through RJ network cable. The temperature data is also displayed synchronously on the OLED screen in front of the device, temperature screening results are synchronized to the device and broadcast by voice. All temperature data and video records are stored on the device's memory card.


8 hour operation on built-in rechargeable battery. Bracket base is with 1/4 standard thread, can both work with tripod and standard camera bracket.

Standalone operation without other device, CMC-TB detects human and conduct automatic temperature screening automatically.

All temperature results and image data are saved in SD card. When abnormal body temperature is detected, the device triggers its built-in alarm siren, voice alerts, real-time notifications are send to mobile phone.

Terminal equipment can configure device CMC-TB via WIFI, or hot spot of CMC-TB itself, it can be configured to connect to WIFI router to remote receiving live video and temperature measurement condition, the statistical data will be real-time displayed on the terminal equipment, at the same time can check the historical record of the temperature measurement, image recording and video playback.

Record to NVR/DVR using ONVIF (optional)