Coaxial HD XVI Cameras & Hybrid DVRs

HD-CVI: Some time ago to have a high-resolution HD CCTV camera system people used to buy IP cameras. This scenario changed with the arrival of HD-CVI technology that started to compete with IP cameras.​ You can now get 4K UltraHD resolution from our 8 Megapixels CVI Cameras with less literacy than IP cameras. In comparison, HD-CVI cameras can have much longer reach by using high-quality RG59 Coaxial Cable than IP Camera on Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Cable. 

What is XVI Camera? At, we offer security cameras with XVI Technology that is compatible with your HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD video recorders. 

What about resolution? When it comes to display screens, the more pixels the better. Why? Because all else being equal, an image with more pixels can be can be displayed at larger sizes without suffering picture degradation. offers three most popular types of display definitions today. All of them have 16:9 aspect ratios and qualify as HD displays.